TSArchitects Inc. is a Los Angeles based architectural firm providing a complete range of services including as-built BIM modelling, programming, architectural design and production, feasibility studies, master planning, and interior design, all in BIM format. TSArchitects Inc. has diversified and expanded into a premiere architecture and design firm with projects nation wide. The TSArchitect’s personnel assigned to the project are experienced with programming and design of similar projects with multi-faceted functions, and have worked on these projects in the past and present. Our collective experience has been learned at architecture firms such as Dworsky Inc, Nadel Architects, KTGY and VTBS.
Our background clearly demonstrates our ability to bring the highest level of innovation and quality to functionally complex assignments with demanding service requirements, like those that face our client’s. Our contextual, user-friendly designs facilitate the leaning process, and provide reasonable and effective guidance for completing the necessary functional space within required budgetary parameters. Equally important is that we understand the complexities of working within campus environments, and know how to build consensus to move projects forward.


Managing collaboration and coordination between multiple parties is a necessary requirement for every design and construction project. In recent years, traditional architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) procedures have been evolving toward more integrated and cooperative process workflow to result in mutual advantages and a better built environment.
The AEC response to this plurality of choices in collaboration and information management has manifested itself at two different levels. First an increasing use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a way to electronically capture three-dimensional building information opens brand new ways for the different professionals to share and coordinate information throughout the entire design and construction process. Second a growing trend toward greater collaboration among designers, contractors, and owners through new responsibilities for all parties involving them much earlier in the project.
“Green” design and behavior is no longer the future: it is here now, and it is here to stay. Working together with our client’s, our project teams find the best ways to build projects within budget and do it for the good of our planet and society today and in the future. TSArchitects Inc. strives to achieve the highest level of functionality and efficiency for every project, considering the efficiency of the building’s long-term performance.


The vision is to create a seamless project team, not portioned be economic self-interest of contractual responsibility, but to have a collection of companies with a mutual responsibility to help one another meet the owners goals.


Our mission is to work through a project delivery approach that integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to reduce waste and optimize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication and construction.


The ability to have (at minimum) the architect and its team on board at project inception is a natural advantage for a team. It’s important, however, that the two are considered—and behave—as equals in the relationship, regardless of which entity may be contractually “in the lead.” Making decisions by consensus of all team members will result in more informed decision making, ultimately, a better project. The key here is sincere mutual respect and trust: a demonstrated willingness to engage the various team members actively—including the client—throughout the process, not just at certain points. With a foundation of trust and respect, it’s an easy step for teams to incorporate a number of these principles.
We all have ability. The difference is how we use it…


“With Autodesk Revit Building Design and Documentation software, TSArchitects meets the challenges of complex projects and delivers better service to clients.” -Autodesk 2006
TSArchitects Inc., a Local Small Business Enterprise, has become one of the leading architectural companies in the use of BIM technology. As a young energetic firm, TSArchitects Inc has been using Autodesk Revit for 18+ years and completed more than 1000 projects in BIM software. TSArchitects has continued to advance the BIM movement well past just using BIM for construction document proposes, but as a way to drive risk out of projects by reducing conflicts during construction. A model is worth a 1000 drawings…..